Fender Flair Mud Flaps


NorthWest Steel Crafters Flair Mud Flaps are a great economical way to cover those huge oversized tires on your truck, and keep those pesky police from writing you a ticket for no mud flaps. Flair mud flaps also do a great job of keeping rock’s from chipping the paint, and protect what you tow, and who is behind you. Flair mud flaps are made from 1/4″ thick diamond plate rubber, and come with mounting hardware. The flair mud flaps come in sizes 12″ wide x 36″ long, 12″ x 48″, and 15″ x 48″.

N.W.S.C. also hasĀ  great economical fender flairs sold in pairs, 6″ wide x 65″ long. They wrap inside the fender well of your truck. They also work well with off-set mud flaps that kick back. They are easy to install and easily trimmed to any length. Mounting hardware included.

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